Dear immune system…

…you’re pretty much a failure. Seriously, you kind of let me down the last several months of 2012 and I cut you some slack because, to be completely honest, I put you through hell with all the caffeine, stress, and late nights. But it’s 2013 now, and I thought we both could pull ourselves together. Yet here I am, going on day six with the same cold. Get it together. Thanks. **End mental rant letter**

Yeah, so I am sick again. My immune system is usually much more resilient than this so it has been disappointing to be such a sickly whimp lately. I suppose I should be grateful it happened now because hopefully I will have fully recovered by next week when I am supposed to start my half marathon training plan. I am terrible at being sick because I am always tempted to get things done or engage in physical activity. I know that is counter-intuitive to the healing process but the inner hyper-active part of me – the part buried under all the sneezing, coughing, and sniffling – is always restless after several days of laziness regardless of how miserable my outer aching body may be. The goal of getting all better by Monday to begin training has really helped me to restrain myself.

Unfortunately illness has put a bit of a damper on my new year (aka some of my new years goals). For example, its harder to achieve being on time every morning when you have to first pull yourself out of a Nyquil coma at 7:30 AM in order to be on time. I know that excuses are lame but I am going to let this cold infestation excuse slide and call mulligan on the past week. My newly ambitious 2013 will just have to start on the 14th right alongside my half marathon training – which is actually quite appropriate in my opinion.

So cheers to the new year… again!


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