Obligatory New Years Post!

It’s getting frigidly cold outside and I am terrified to go to the gym because I just know it is going to be so crowded with new members I can barely move. It must be a new year!

All sarcasm aside though, I am pretty excited for the new year. 2012 came to a stellar end when I finished my certificate program and the very next day was rewarded with a title change and raise at work. The day after that began my 13 day holiday break of epic relaxation. The break came at a perfect time because it allowed be to take a step back and come to a pretty necessary realization.

Since I graduated college I have been living under the pretense that, in terms of my education and career, I need to be perpetually searching for the next step. For the first several months out of school, this assumption was true because I was rightfully searching for the correct outlet for that education I spent the first 22 years of my life obtaining. I plowed through several short-lived jobs and apartments all along honing in on what would be a fulfilling use of my time and energy. I ended up at my current job just short of that goal because I was working at a pretty great environmental organization but I was hired as an administrative assistant. Since then, though, I have moved up quickly in responsibility and pay scale there. I love the people I work with and the office environment I work in. Had you asked college graduate Anna back in 2010 what she thought of my job right now, I would have probably thought it sounded pretty damn great.

Still, I have been living under that same pretense that I need to be searching for the next immediate step (whether it be law school, a new job, or whatever). But my realization is that I have already taken, and likely can continue to take, several next steps where I already live and work. Maybe I should listen to my friends, boyfriend, and 2010 college graduate self when they tell me that I am lucky as hell to have a job in my field with really great coworkers. This isn’t to say I won’t move on eventually (especially since I am only 24), but I’m ready to take some time and enjoy where I am. If I am happy, challenged, and intrigued with a job that can also pay all my bills, why should I abandon it right now?

That being said, my mind is freed up to think of some less career-oriented focuses for 2013. I am almost too scared to write them down because that will certainly jynx them. So instead of writing them down as resolutions (“resolving” to do something makes it all the more official and thus more jynx-worthy), I will write some – but not all – of my goals for 2013.

1. Finish my fifth half marathon and my second marathon. Preferably both in PR time.

2. Be on time more. I’m late to things far too often.

3. Do one blog post per week.

4. Read more books. I don’t have a set number but “more” is pretty open to interpretation because I didn’t read that many books in 2012 at all.

5. Do agility classes with Juneau. I’ve been wanting to do this so long (I really think she’d be an agility all star).

Happy 2013 everyone!


2 thoughts on “Obligatory New Years Post!

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