A very runner-friendly Christmas

Merry Christmas and/or happy holidays of all other varieties!

I’ve been having a pleasant time in Charlottesville over the weekend. I’ve taken a couple of enjoyable runs – including one yesterday despite waking up to an unexpected Christmas Eve snow.

My brother and I opted to be daring and venture out for a trail run on O-Hill in the wintery weather. It was a definite challenge trying to navigate the rocks and roots on the trail beneath layers of fallen leaves and snow. I almost bit the dust a few times and really struggled on one epic half-mile up hill. Still, I enjoyed the challenge and felt like a bad ass battling the snow.

Christmas Day proved to be really promising for my 2013 running goals….

ER MAH GERD!!!! Presents!!!!

ER MAH GERD!!!! Presents!!!!

I got everything that I could have wanted this year including my very first running watch – a Garmin Forerunner 10. It is a very basic watch but is able to measure distance, time, pace, and calories, all while not being so massive that it overtakes my tiny wrist. Even though I’ve been running three years I have been putting off use of a running watch the entire time. Now I feel more legit.

Garmin Forerunner 10 measures distance, time, pace and calories. Psyched!

Garmin Forerunner 10 measures distance, time, pace and calories. Psyched!

It’s also that time again and my shoes are looking and smelling a little worse for wear. My parents were sweet enough to get me a new pair of Brooks Glycerin 10’s. I have absolutely loved my last pair of Glycerin 9’s so I am happy as can be to have these ready to roll for 2013. I don’t love the color scheme as much as my last pair (black and bright blue, my favorite Panthers colors) but I am still happy they are mostly dark.

The pink is a little girly for me. But I think I can rock it.

The pink is a little girly for me. But I think I can rock it.

I hope all your holidays are also full of fun gifts and, most importantly, some good family or friend time!

‘Til next time kids!


5 thoughts on “A very runner-friendly Christmas

  1. Such a cute dog, and those shoes are fab – I love pink! How are you getting on with the watch? I’ve always been tempted, but then fear I’ll struggle being able to use it…..

    • Thanks for the comment!

      I am liking the watch so far. I think it will definitely be worth the price (a reasonable $130 compared to most GPS watches). All it measures is time, distance, pace, and calories so it is not too involved and is easy to flip through the data screens. You can also set a goal pace and it monitors that for you. So far I am really impressed with how accurate it is. And I like that it is not as massive as a lot of the running watches out there since I have really small wrists.

      I went a solid 3 or 4 years of running without one but decided that since I really want to start improving my pace it was worth a try. I think this is good for people like me who are new to running with a watch because it is not so complex it is overwhelming. Also, it comes in pink! Haha.

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