My life. In bullet point form.

  • Being in school and taking notes during all my free time has turned my thoughts to mush. I can’t remember how to write any other way then in note-taking format.
  • Someone ran into my car and literally bent the door backward on its hinge. I am pretty sure this type of fender bender happens to exactly zero people except for me. Anyway, I am driving this rental Chrysler 200 that feels like a small yacht and I still can’t figure out all the buttons. Lumbar support in the driver’s seat is fantastic though. So… at least there’s that.
  • Feel like I’ve gained 10 pounds since starting classes. The scale says I’ve lost 2. The only explanation is that little calorie pixies are flying into my body at night through my nose and selectively obliterating all the bad calories I ingest with a laser of sorts. Not really. The only explanation is I am losing muscle mass. Damn.
  • Plan to register for the Wrightsville Beach half marathon before the end of the month before the entry fee jumps above $60. Must not forget. Maybe I should write it on my forehead?
  • I forget like 494,885,038 things per day. Sometimes they are negligible things like taking my multi-vitamin in the morning. Sometimes they are bigger things like saving a word document before closing it and then managing to not realize I didn’t save said word document until the following day when it is due in about 4 hours.
  • I am always running late. Always. Jeremy suggests that this is because I try to do to many things. He’s right.
  • I am only in school for 35 more days. I am already daydreaming about what it will be like to come home from work in the afternoon and watch back-to-back episodes of Glee on Netflix without feeling guilty because I am not reading my Real Estate Law book.
  • Thinking that my one and only New Years resolution should be to reorganize my life. When I first decided this I thought it was pretty profound. Now I just think it’s incredibly vague. Should probably develop some sub-resolutions to that resolution. But my brain hurts. So maybe later.

Yeah. Exactly.


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