Go vote. Seriously… just do it.

This is not meant to be controversial. This is meant to be the post about politics that is actually not political.

I have seen a wide range of responses to the upcoming election from my friends and others in my peer group. Some people I agree with, some I don’t. Some have nothing to say, some have entirely too much to say to the point I would much prefer their silence. But one notion I have heard that I have to make a blanket statement against is those who say they won’t vote because they don’t “like” either candidate.

No one is asking you to go on a date with Barack Obama. No one is asking you to go to Mitt Romney’s house, attend his dinner party, and compliment his wife on her cooking. Whether or not you “like” either candidate, one of them is going to end up having an influence on our future. I understand voting is a right and therefore everyone has a right not to vote but it seems to me anyone who invokes their right to not vote gives up their right to whine and complain about who wins and what decisions they make over the next four years.

It is okay to pick the lesser of two evils – and I’ll tell you the best way to do it. Take a few hours of your time this weekend you would have otherwise spent drinking three too many beers or watching a football game between two teams that you don’t even care about. Use those few hours to go to each candidate’s own website. Look at each one’s platform on each issue. Tally how many of their platforms you agree with and how many you don’t (weight the issues you care more about with more tallies if you want). Which candidate had more issues you agreed with than issues you didn’t? That is probably the person you would prefer to be your president. Go vote for them.

Also, you should realize that deciding to not vote at all just because you cannot find an agreeable presidential candidate precludes you from voting for any local or state elected official on your area’s ballot as well. Even though those campaigns aren’t nearly as highly publicized, those positions are just as important if not more so. I guarantee you there is at least one of those candidates with a platform you would be more than happy to give your vote to.

Okay. I am going to get down from my soapbox now. With one last disclaimer that to anyone reading this who is politically active or already planning to vote the “you” above doesn’t actually refer to you.

Should I not post before Tuesday… Happy Election Day!


2 thoughts on “Go vote. Seriously… just do it.

  1. Well said and I agree with you. I would make one change though, Voting is not a right… it is a duty. It is the responsibility of every American 18 years of age or older to go vote. If you choose to not vote, you choose to give up any right you have to disagree with the actions of the government.

    There is no excuse to not vote. It took 20 min out of my life to walk to the local polling location and cast my vote. That is a small price to pay for being an American.

  2. I agree with you too, and I already have. I liked your directness, and the simplicity of your argument to “just go do it”. It took me about an hour, because I needed to read the state-provided Voting Guide to understand some of the laws, but an hour isn’t much to ask for.

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