Running (like a lady)

For all who know me personally reading this post, prepare to be shocked. Those who know me understand that I have a threshold of femininity that I am barely capable of surpassing. Painting my fingernails and going more than 48 hours without peeling it all off is beyond the threshold. Wearing high heeled shoes to work without spending 75% of the day walking around the office barefoot is beyond the threshold. Changing my earrings, necklace, and other jewelry to match my outfits on a daily basis is beyond the threshold.

So it should come as no surprise that I am not interested in attempting to look “cute” when I run. I have always been perplexed by and/or scoffed at runners who wear skirts. I couldn’t even begin to wrap my head around the point of the running skirt concept. I suppose I have always been more of a running shorts and tank top kind of girl. But browsing through an old high school classmate’s running posts on her blog, btypes, I came across a running skirt that began to ease my doubts.

Oiselle, a small women’s running company, cleverly devised “the bum wrap” (best name ever). It’s less prissy looking than your average running skirt – a pretty short number but with slightly longer spandex shorts built in underneath. I went out on a limb and bought one and have worn it twice. It is actually pretty fantastic.

I rowed crew for a few years and was a lacrosse player for 9 and therefore have an incurable fondness for spandex shorts. I would love to run in them but with such a high impact activity as running where I am out in plain view as opposed to sitting in a boat or hiding behind a lacrosse kilt, I can’t get past the self-conscious stigma of letting my larger than average butt be free to its own devices. The bum wrap is a great solution. I get to feel like I am running in spandex without simultaneously feeling as if the whole world is staring at my butt. Plus the extremely simplistic and sporty look of the bum wrap plays to my not-so-girly style.

Notice my creepy dog lurking in the background.

As an added tip I actually bought my bum wrap on Amazon where I was able to find an endurance sports store selling them for MUCH less than Oiselle’s retail price (I presume because they are going out of season). So it is worth giving that a shot before you drop $50.


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