Motivational jams

I swear some songs are meant for running. I have so many tracks on my marathon playlist that, sure, they’re good anytime but when they come on during a run it is like musical perfection. I am not a musician and I tend to be more keyed into song lyrics than instrumental elements, but a good beat in my headphones during a run turns a switch in my brain that floods my entire body with energy.

During my run yesterday evening Pandora gave me the gift of “Sail” by Awolnation. You may remember this track from the BMW commercials during the Olympics. I don’t think I had heard the song from start to finish until yesterday. When it first started playing let’s just say the run was going okay… maybe. Within thirty seconds I was ready to crush the remaining 2 miles and then some.

In any other situation,  I would probably just say the song is okay. But mid-run it was amazing how my body got in sync – my breathing and stride got steady and I fell into a perfect zone.

I have been meaning to do a post that goes into this music and running phenomenon in more depth (and I still will hopefully). I think it’s interesting that the music I like to listen to during a run can often vary from what I want to listen to any other time.

What are some of your favorite running/working out jams?


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