Sciatica and State football

I feel like this week started about a month ago. It’s been a long one for sure. This week I’ve been paying for the stress and 13 hour days of sitting that I’ve been putting my body through recently. I started feeling some awful lower back pain on Monday and throughout the week it just got worse and worse. It was strictly on the right side of my back and as the days went by it started working its way down my butt, side, and leg. It’s pretty awful and makes sitting at my desk almost unbareable.

I have a co-worker who is currently battling a bad case of sciatica so I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between our agony and start to get scared. I was getting upset thinking about how a chronic spinal problem could keep me out of future races. The idea of my nerves relying on a weekly date with a chiropractor made me cranky as could be the better part of the work week.

I haven’t completely resigned my optimism, though. I can feel an immense tightness in my muscles when I do stretches that makes me think that I am likely having an issue with a strained muscle rather than a true spinal malfunction. I am still able to stand and walk (in fact I prefer it to sitting by far) and even did a brief easy run on Friday with no pain.

The weekend marked a turn for the better overall. With no class and considerably minimal school work I actually had time to relax and spend time with my dog, my friends, and my boyfriend.

We went to the NC State game against Florida State last night and talk about an epicly awesome football game. State won the game by one point in the final minutes and the crowd was totally out of control. There’s nothing like college football games. Nothing at all. I love it!

Ah, sweet victory.

Some truely excited Wolfpack fans.

Jeremy’s fingers look like creepy ghost fingers in the bottom of this photo.

View of the victory from our awesome 45 yard line scalper tickets (only $30, what luck)


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