Here’s the game plan…

I had an enjoyable 4.5 mile run today – my first solo run in several weeks. I couldn’t ask for better running weather lately and it makes me wish that North Carolina fall was endless. It was nice to be alone with Incubus, Chevelle, and Breaking Benjamin to sort out my tangled thoughts (They were only there in spirit on my iPod of course, but I’m sure they wish they could have been there in real life right?).

My brain is a cluttered mess at the moment. I imagine the inside of it very much resembles a house on Hoarders. Work is busy, and along with class I am pulling regular 50 and 60 hour weeks these days not including my reading and assignments at home. Sometimes I feed the dog dinner and an hour later can’t remember whether I fed her or not. So I feed her again just to be safe. I forgot to pay my power bill last week. I have weird dreams about failing tests and getting fired from work. But a lot of times I don’t remember the dreams either. My brain is full to capacity and the Fire Marshall inside my head is shoving excess thoughts out through my ears. There is no other explanation.

I have been thinking for a while that I might try my luck at running another marathon next spring. But yesterday during my run my rational self emerged and decided that probably isn’t the brightest idea. I consider myself lucky if I am able to fit three workouts in per week these days. Fortunately I have found that three is also the magic number that for the most part keeps me below the threshold of sedentary grouchiness. That being said, I clearly can’t start training for anything serious until I am done with class in late December. This would leave me with under 4 months to get my act together and prepare to run 26 miles again.

It just isn’t happening. Even if it did happen, I probably wouldn’t PR and wouldn’t stay healthy and injury free.

So here’s the game plan: After I finish school I am going to spend some time training for a spring half marathon. I think the Wrightsville Beach Half Marathon is calling my name again (I really love this course). With some training I know I can dominate a half and get a massive PR (since my last PR was a race I hadn’t actually trained for). After the half I will be in decent shape and will come back to the idea of running another marathon in the fall of 2013.

Anyone know of a great intermediate training schedule for a half marathon? Anyone know of some great fall marathons?


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