Color Run RVA!

This weekend Jeremy and I traveled to Richmond with friends to run in the Richmond Color Run. I think most everyone knows the basics of the color run phenomenon by now so I won’t really bother with an explanation. But I will say that this race was a different experience for me because it really was a “just for fun” race. I haven’t run many 5k’s recently and I have never run a race that was untimed. It was nice to just show up in the morning relaxed and light-hearted, ready to have a good time with friends and not thinking at all about what was to come or how I planned to finish the race ahead of me.

Not so great parts of this race:

1. They played the song “Call Me Maybe” literally 20 times. Before the race, after the race, during the race at all of the stations where volunteers were barraging you with color. They would stop dead in the middle of a good song like the Beastie Boys and CHANGE it to “Call Me Maybe”.

2. As a direct result of #1, “Call Me Maybe” was stuck in my head for hours after the race. It was a nightmare.

3. The crowd was massive. Literally a sea of people. In some ways it made the event that much more fun but when trying to check in and cross the starting line it was kind of a pain in the butt.

Great parts of this race:

1. I had good company! We signed up as a team of six and stayed together for pretty much the entire race.

2. Getting pelted with color powder… and chucking it at people… and rolling in it. So fun.

3. One of our team members, James, took it upon himself to be the Color Run leprachan. He dressed in epically festive (and comically revealing) clothes and managed to steal a color spray bottle from a volunteer at the first color zone. He weaved in and out of the crowd coloring unsuspecting strangers and refilled the bottle behind the backs of volunteers at all the following stations. It was kind of hard to run while laughing as hard as I was while observing this.

4. The color rave at the yellow station during the last mile. Yellow was actually the first color zone we passed through at mile 1, but as we doubled back by their station toward the finish line the yellow station volunteers coralled runners off the course to dance to loud music and anarchically rummage through barrels of color for a few minutes.

Overall we had an amazing time (Carly Rae Jepson’s obnoxious lyrics be damned). I would recommend this kind of race to anyone – runners and non-runners alike. It’s particuarly great for runners like myself who sometimes forget that running is a sport or a hobby, and not a chore.


So clean and white.

And after.

Woot. Go team!



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