*Insert majestic Olympic theme music here*

It’s that time of year again. Or I suppose that time of the decade? It’s time for the Olympics! I love the Olympics. I won’t even go into attempting to explain why I love the Olympics. I just do.

I can’t believe it’s been four years since the last summer games. I was in Australia studying abroad at the time and it seems like just last year I was sitting with the rest of the study abroad kids at the “American table” watching that pot-smoking, questionably mutant half-fish-half-human Michael Phelps get on the Australian students’ last nerve. Because, let’s be honest, once some freakish American with abnormal body proportions and possibly webbed toes starts beating out the Australian swimmers in every event, the country’s medal count starts going downhill pretty quick.

Take it easy Michael. Don’t go all Hulk crazy on us.

Anyway, I am curled up on the couch next to Juneau watching the opening ceremony. They just raised a giant inflatable Voldemort up over the stadium. Mr. Bean is on the keyboard with the symphony orchestra playing Chariots of Fire. Emma Watson and Daniel Ratcliffe haven’t walked out onto the field wearing traditional Shakespearan garb yet but I wouldn’t be remotely surprised. We get it England. You contribute to pop culture. And you have cooler accents than Americans.

Speaking of the Olympics. And athleticism. Or just not being completely lazy and useless. Have any of you heard of this fan-freaking-tastic iPhone app, Nike Training Club? If you haven’t you should. If you don’t have a smart phone I’m sorry I can’t help you.

Nike Training Club has tons of great circuit workouts ranging in length, difficulty, and focus. You can do short 15 minute workouts that work on a specific muscle group or 30 and 45 minute series that give you a full body workout thats either predominantly cardio or strengthening or a fusion of the two. Thats a lot to choose from! And when you finally do pick a workout the app walks you through the whole workout, telling you when to switch moves and giving you generic encouraging feedback. For every single exercise there are still photos and videos showing you how to do it step by step if you don’t know how. The app plays along with music from your phone (iTunes, Pandora, you name it) and your little workout coach just plays over top of the music when she has something helpful to say. And the best part of all… the app is completely FREE. You can sign up for a nike account if you want to – it’s still free and you get cool rewards like recipes and new workouts when you complete routines – but you don’t even have to do that to use the app.

Sorry, I know I am starting to sound like a Nike spokeswoman. But I’m not. I am just impressed that something this cool is free and actually works. I’ve tried two of the workouts this week and both of them have left me dripping sweat and ridiculously sore the following days (Wednesday I was sure that my abs and obliques would never ever recover). Give it a try. You’ll thank me. Or you’ll probably thank Nike. And that’s okay, too.

As my final thought I will just say that there has only been one Beatles reference in this ceremony thus far. Man, someone dropped the ball there. The parade of nations has started now and I have begun my usual tally of countries I didn’t know existed. Azerbaijan. Who knew.


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