Nothing new to report…

…Because it is literally so hot outside lately that if you attempt to exercise during the daylight hours, it is entirely possible you will burst into flames. Seriously. Back on the Fourth I made the mistake of sleeping in a few extra hours and thus began my jog sometime around 10 AM – not late at all considering I had the day off and could have slept until noon if I wanted to (and I always want to). I felt like the heat radiating from the road and sidewalk was cooking my insides. There was a lot of walking involved. It was horrible.

I have for the most part embraced the obvious alternative of doing my runs in the early morning before work. But the extreme heat also has the added benefit of making me want to do absolutely nothing except lay on my bed in the air conditioning for as long and late as humanly conceivable. You may see how this is counter intuitive to my best intentions of waking up bright and early to fit in a jog.

Hot yoga is another option. Though even that has become a struggle lately because the idea of leaving hot yoga and stepping outside into an even higher heat index seems nauseating.

Basically I am fighting every impulse and force of nature to keep myself from becoming a beached whale of a human being in this heat wave. I’m sure the same goes for a lot of you. Stay strong, people. It can only get better… unless it gets worse… then we will just have to wait 45 days until the seasons change in September.

On a related note, has anyone else noticed how once you finish school and have a year-round adult job, Summer is not amazing at all? I still have to go to work every day AND it’s about 100 degrees outside.


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