Getting my yoga on

Groupon and Living Social deals are a beautiful thing. More than once these 50% plus off coupon wonders have swayed me into trying new things because it is just so much easier to choose a new restaurant with overpriced food when you know most of the meal is already paid for – and at a discounted price. A few weeks ago my Living Social email informed me of a deal for 20 hot yoga classes for $20 at Arrichion in Raleigh. I’ve never taken a hot yoga class… I am pretty sure I have only taken about one or two regular yoga classes. But for $1 a class I figured why not?

I didn’t care much for the few yoga classes I had taken in the past because the whole session felt unnatural. I struggled to concentrate on my breathing and, lacking flexibility in every muscle in my body, I couldn’t force myself into most of the poses. Despite the fact that I was struggling and trying hard the entire hour, I left those classes without breaking a sweat and feeling like I hadn’t truly worked out.

But Monday was my second class at Arrichion and I can feel myself getting hooked. The instructors are great. They will walk around the room and subtly adjust your form but won’t call you out to the class. They talk you through each pose with helpful reminders to keep you conscious of your form and your breathing. Perhaps the greatest part of the class for me is that I find it challenging – yet still attainable. I have been doing their dynamic classes where the moves are basic and the room is kept at a toasty 105 degrees. I don’t just break a sweat, I literally sweat from every pore and I leave the place looking like I just jumped in a swimming pool with all my clothes on.

Jeremy and I moved across town over last weekend into a new apartment. Overall, the move was successful. We had the help of our fantastically willing friends (and a friends’ sibling there by force). We also had Louis, the friendly mover with a flatbed trailer that Jeremy found on Craigslist after Budget managed to not have the truck we had reserved THREE WEEKS IN ADVANCE when we arrived to pick it up (I am trying to put this debacle behind me, but am obviously slightly bitter). Regardless of all the terrific help we had, moving is just one of those things that is hard for everyone involved. Walking up and down the stairs over and over – never without something of considerable weight in your arms. Having all your belongings in complete disarray (in the case of this move that includes our cheap bookshelf being ripped from the back of the trailer and smashed all over the 440 Beltline). Eating three meals a day at restaurants until you can salvage your boxes of dishes and food and make it to the grocery store. And cleaning your old residence on your hands and knees from top to bottom so you don’t get charged for the maintenance staff to perform “excessive cleaning” (whatever that means). By Sunday night Jeremy and I were both falling asleep on the couch before 9:00.

Needless to say, Monday was a rough day as I dragged myself to work and struggled to stay awake at my desk for eight hours. After a sizable coffee I did regain some strength and even managed to get myself to yoga on time (thus returning to the topic at hand). The class worked wonders for my tired body. Every sore muscle got stretched to the limit. The heat alone loosened me up and pulled out buckets of sweat releasing all the toxins inside me from three days of dining out. I left Arrichion feeling invigorated and awake.

Groupon and Living Social have done it again! Just call me a hot yoga convert.


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