Note to self: Calm. The hell. Down.

I have the lurking suspicion that I’m forgetting something, but I’m not sure what. Really it could be anything: a late bill, someone I never called back, giving my dog medication, a combination of all three plus a handful of other neglected tasks. I have no idea what I’ve forgotten, or if I’ve truly forgotten anything at all.

Truth is, this happens to me frequently during periods of time when there is really just too much going on. My brain is getting pulled in 5 different directions between work, law school (or possibly not law school?), moving in a month, exercising, and the other activities and people that fill the few remaining minutes of my day. It’s easy in all the chaos to procrastinate something as simple as doing my laundry or washing my dog. The list of these menial tasks, cluttered with thoughts of the bigger picture previously mentioned, becomes so difficult to digest that I find myself just sitting on my couch and staring into the recesses of my brain instead of actually doing them. Then the list gets longer and more delayed. Suddenly I am waking up on Monday morning and it’s there, mocking me – that feeling that I have forgotten something.

These are the instances when I wish I were capable of meditating. Any exceptionally centered readers out there who can teach the mentally stubborn how to ‘free their mind’? Anyone?

Well, void of successful meditation practice I did find an insightful blog post yesterday (thanks Pinterest) with a list of 55 ways to take care of yourself mentally when you’re busy. There are a lot of good ideas on this list but here are some I think I could stand to prioritize more in my life…

Say no to anything that is not important to you
Get enough sleep
Take 5 minutes in the morning to just stretch and breathe
Take 5 minute mini breaks every hour
Make room for rest
Go to a yoga class
Accept a little clutter and mess
Honor your limits
Take the weekends completely off
Resist the urge to be productive all the time
Block out distractions

So here’s to some positive mental health changes to match the physical ones. It’s time to zen out people!


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