Puppy physical fitness

I love my dog Juneau but must admit that she is a ridiculously lazy creature. Actually I suppose that a better descriptor would be that she is selectively lazy. She is a livewire when she wants to be. She runs torpedo style sprints up and down the hallways of our apartment and jumps all over the furniture but she is not nearly as excitable about organized forms of exercise. She enjoys her daily short walks around the neighborhood – but mostly just for the purpose of sniffing every square inch of grass to ensure that her royal kingdom is as she left it the previous day.

Juneau certainly did not inherit my affinity for running although I have attempted the occasional mother-daughter jog to try and spark her interest. Her primary aversion is that if we wander out of sight from home, she is certain I am not intuitive enough to lead us back safely. So anytime I try to run her away from home she is constantly trying to turn the opposite direction and run back. When that doesn’t work she tends to get extra stubborn and just lay down in the grass. I take this as a signal that she is out of shape and tired and so I turn around to return home. At this point she always magically has the energy to pull me home like a master sled dog. What a faker. I learned my lesson quickly from these leash wars that if I want to do organized exercise with Juneau it has to be done at a remote location (then she doesn’t even know which direction home is).

Sunday we went to Black Creek Greenway in Cary for a long hike/jog. Of course she started out overflowing with energy…

With all that excitement I assumed that we could start at a mild jog. No way. No matter how hard she pulls while I’m walking, she always slows down to a leisurely prance like she’s in American Kennel Club’s best in show competition. Then I’m running ahead halfway dragging her by the neck down the trail and looking like the worst pet owner in the world to everyone else on the trail. I quickly gave up on jogging altogether. Too much of a struggle. Still, we walked a solid mile or more down the trail before turning around. Juneau made a point to hop up on all the benches along the way because she loves to feel taller than she actually is…

Her other favorite part was walking in front of me and stopping dead in her tracks so I would trip over her. But only when she saw other people on the trail ahead so they could watch me trip. Embarassing Mommy is fun!

After a solid hour of quasi-strenuous-but-not-really exercise, poor Juneau was exhausted. She promptly returned to her rightful spot on the couch and napped for the remaining hours of the day. Way to feel the burn, June.


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