Gym sandbaggers

I solemnly swear that I will refrain from ranting aimlessly on this blog as much as possible. After all, exercise is supposed to be a positive experience. However, some things just need to be said… or ranted.

I was mesmerized this morning by how many people at the gym are completely unaware that they are working out in a gym that they are sharing with other people. How does it make logical sense that they should sit (and often times I literally mean sit) there and monopolize a single piece of equipment for half an hour? It really doesn’t at all. There is an extraordinary amount of floorspace in the fitness center that does not have pieces of fitness equipment on it. In fact, there are even chairs and tables at the front. Those would in fact be the ideal places for men to talk up girls who they think have nice butts, or for chatty girls to gossip about how fat the other girls’ butts are. Is the only tricep dip machine in the gym a good place for this? No. The only freestanding decline bench in the gym? Wrong.

This is a reoccurring problem with a particular group of men at my gym. The three of them are clearly best buddies (or bros, boyfriends, man-friends – whatever you prefer) and can’t be separated long enough to work out alone. This means that they take turns doing sets on each piece of equipment they use over and over until all of them are done. I guess that because each of them individually are only using each machine for a normal amount of time and then standing around watching each other for the rest, they cannot grasp the fact that the three of them combined are using it for nearly 30 minutes and that myself and other gym users are giving them the death stare.

Today, these guys chose to loiter while bench pressing. Simultaneously, another man was using the only other bench press to alternate between actually using the bench press and sitting on the bench to do dumb bell curls. I got through about 2/3 of my exercises while waiting for these same people to move. Attention all bench press loitering men: there are not enough bench presses for all of you to act ridiculously stereotypical at the same time. Please move… bro.


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