Marathon training program. Thanks Hal!

I feel more than obligated to pass this on to anyone who is interested in running a marathon because I thought it was pretty much the perfect training schedule when I used it. It comes from Hal Higdon’s set of training programs which are free online and this particular one is the Novice 1 program. I liked everything in this schedule from the distances, to the days that are chosen as rest days (Mondays and Fridays, allelujah), to the incorporation of cross training. I especially liked that after every few weeks of increasing the long run distances he has a week where you run noticeably fewer miles on the long run so that your body can recover. The plan is 18 weeks long and starts with a long run of 6 miles at the end of the first week.

Just a suggestion – print it out, put it on your fridge. Because if what you’re supposed to be doing is staring you in the face every day then it is hard to ignore.

Here is Hal’s website with all of his programs (there are some for half marathons and every other distance too):

Here is a copy of the schedule that I used. Distances are obviously in miles:

Marathon Training Schedule: Novice 1
Week Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
1 Rest 3 3 3 Rest 6 Cross
2 Rest 3 3 3 Rest 7 Cross
3 Rest 3 4 3 Rest 5 Cross
4 Rest 3 4 3 Rest 9 Cross
5 Rest 3 5 3 Rest 10 Cross
6 Rest 3 5 3 Rest 7 Cross
7 Rest 3 6 3 Rest 12 Cross
8 Rest 3 6 3 Rest Rest Half Marathon
9 Rest 3 7 4 Rest 10 Cross
10 Rest 3 7 4 Rest 15 Cross
11 Rest 4 8 4 Rest 16 Cross
12 Rest 4 8 5 Rest 12 Cross
13 Rest 4 9 5 Rest 18 Cross
14 Rest 5 9 5 Rest 14 Cross
15 Rest 5 10 5 Rest 20 Cross
16 Rest 5 8 4 Rest 12 Cross
17 Rest 4 6 3 Rest 8 Cross
18 Rest 3 4 2 Rest Rest Marathon

2 thoughts on “Marathon training program. Thanks Hal!

  1. I’m in training for my first marathon and have been using Hal Hidgon’s Novice 2. It’s been amazing! Only four more weeks and I feel ready!

    • That website is such a lifesaver. I ran mine in Nov. and felt really ready by the time I got there. Hopefully going to have a post up tonight about the experience with the marathon itself once I can finally finish it. Good luck with your training and your race! You’ll do great!

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