What has my interest… at least for a little while

Like I mentioned in the ‘About’ page, I just finished training for and completing my first marathon in November (I am sure I will write more about that experience later, in all of its glorious and grotesque detail). After reaching such a massive goal and returning to a more normal life free from a crazy training schedule, I didn’t find myself nearly as relieved and happy as I had expected. Instead I felt a bit aimless going to the gym only sporadically for a few months with no routine or objective in particular. Not to mention, with the start of cold winter weather and the end to having any daylight hours whatsoever away from my office I was markedly more grouchy and at times downright unhappy. I assume (though not all of them told me this outright) that my boyfriend/friends/family/dog/neighbors-that-I-don’t-even-talk-to-much-anyway were all trying desperately to avoid me out of fear of my angry verbal lash outs, depressing demeanor, and all around slugglishness during this period of about a month and a half.  Something had to be done.

My friend Chelsea was starting a new routine that she hunted down online at bodybuilding.com. When I heard “bodybuilding.com” I almost immediately dismissed the idea. I wanted a new plan but not one that had me looking man-ish. But once I got around to looking at the site I was pleasantly surprised.  You can find plans based on your sex, age, goals, etc. And if you don’t know how to do any of the exercises in the plan they are linked to videos that demonstrate how. All I’m saying is don’t knock it ’till you try it. The routine that I liked best was from one of the site’s trainers named Lindsay Kaye Miller (and yes I now mutter profanities at Lindsay under my breath in the gym during tough exercises).  I adapted it slightly because I wanted to do a little bit more cardio than Lindsay suggested, namely running because I don’t want to lose EVERYTHING I gained during marathon training.  I also added some extra ab workouts (I’m really digging Ab Ripper X lately, which you can actually find on a Google videos search). Here are the basics…

Monday: Chest/shoulders + abs
Tuesday: Run 3ish miles + back
Wednesday: Run 3ish miles +legs
Thursday: Biceps/triceps + abs
Friday: Off
Saturday: Long run + abs
Sunday: Off

If it sounds like your thang here’s where you can check out the details. Let’s do this!


Tell me what you think!

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